Welcome to JK Solar Solutions


Established in the year 2016, JK Solar Solutions is started with a vision to popularize solar power as key source of power. We are MNRE(ministry of new and renewable energy) channel partner including RESCO and We are entitled to work in field of harnessing solar energy all over India.

We are also working with various energy development agencies of various states like MEDA in Maharashtra. Our business operations are in domain of , design, procuring supply, trading, installation, commissioning and servicing solar on-grid /off-grid power systems plants and other solar products. Our range includes Domestic Roof Top Solar systems, Commercial Solar power plants, Solar Inverters, Solar water pumps, Solar Street-lights, Solar Panels. Today, solar power is not a luxury but it is a necessity. Given that India has a very good sunshine for 300 days a year, solar can be a major source powering our economy. The solar power today is available at a tariff of about 7 INR per KWH or unit. For many applications, this is less than the tariff from the electricity board. So, solar can not only provide the stable power but also at a comparable or lower price compared to EB/Grid. And, of course, there is a huge benefit for reducing carbon emission and creating a clean & green environment, thereby giving our future generations a healthy and natural environment to inherit. Now is the good time to invest in solar as the solar panel/modules prices have reached the bottom and are set to go up globally. Please visit our Products pages to see our complete portfolio.